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Mistress Artemis between Greece and Cyprus!!!

Highly intelligent, educated and cultured, Mistress Artemis. A graceful and well spoken Lady, of youthful and chaste looks. She hides beneath this demeanour a most cunning and mischievous wickedness. This FemDom practitioner is an artist and takes much delight in the spontaneous and creative approach to BDSM. Whether you be submissive or masochist, Mistress Artemis will put to use Her superior understanding of the male psyche to dig into your deepest desires and unearth your fetishist core.
This stylish and talented Mistress will artfully push you to your limits, whether it be in servitude, humiliation, endurance or pleasure. Using gentle encouragement to determine your cravings, She demonstrates Her brilliance by gazing into your eyes and grasping your desire as you unexpectedly open up to Her and share your deepest thoughts while in the comfort of Her tender, caring and comforting presence.
Mistress Artemis voice with its echoes of luxuriance, holds an imminence within its timbre that seduces one to fall at Her feet and worship them. Its articulation and cadence manifest an inevitability which leaves you no choice but to obey, since you know within your deepest self that to obey is your absolute desire.
As a Dominatrix, She feels it her duty to get to know Her subs and find out what makes them tick. Mistress understands that there are many spheres of submission and that as willing as slaves are to endure certain practices in order to earn the right to others, it is a Domme’s duty to work in collaboration with Her slaves, and not simply use and abuse them (unless of course, that is their deepest desire).
As a dedicated and Lifestyle Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Artemis prides Herself on Her ability to connect with Her subs/slaves on a personal level. A hard believer in SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL practices, Mistress Artemis is ruthlessly hygienic (trained in health, safety and hygiene), a well grounded, strong Woman who will nurture as well as torture, and most importantly, regards safe words and trust as Holy Bonds.
As well as getting to know you personally before your first session through conversation whether by phone or email, Mistress Artemis enjoys sitting down for a little chat before commencing to reassure you and get a firm grip on your character as well as talk about boundaries, safe words, health problems, physical limitations and other issues within BDSM play.
Here follows a list of services provided by Mistress Artemis. If that which you are interested in does not appear, feel free to enquire about it.
From morning to morning or evening to evening, come and submit in my home for a full 24 hours.
Get to live out your slavery fantasies!
Cook Mistress Her meals, lick Her shoes clean, give Her massages, clean the toilet with your tongue or even serve as a toilet slave for 24 hours! Experience the true meaning of slavery.
You will be fed leftovers, cold from the fridge, in a dogbowl, sleep in the cage or a cupboard and if you are a very good little slave, She might even play with you a bit. So work hard, and you will be rewarded.
Finally, you can live out your deepest desire: To serve and worship
From butt plugs, to Speculums via strap-ons and fisting. Mistress delights in all forms of anal play and will happily stretch you to your limit (or beyond).
In today's world, money is everything, isn't it? To be saved up for a cloudy day, or spent wisely.
But what about that dirty little secret of yours? You want to hand over the control of your finances to a Woman.
It goes against all the rules doesn't it? But it feels so terribly thrilling to give up control.
Be it to have the money squeezed out of you through threats or to hand it over in chunks to a stranger who could not care less... It is something that, when the desire for it boils up inside of you, becomes inescapable.
There are several ways in which Mistress Artemis can dominate you.
-You can buy Her gifts to ensure that She lacks nothing. It can be a real treat for you to buy Mistress something beautiful and see Her wear it or use it, and maybe catch Her attention for a short while. You can treat Her like a princess and get Her everything that She desires. Follow Her around and pay for everything while She leaves you out in the rain.
-You can send Mistress Artemis a monetary tribute. You will need to beg and grovel first though. But, if you look pathetic enough, She might just relent and allow you to send over your money. She will then, of course, ignore you and expect more of you. And tease you every so often with the promise of maybe, if you spend enough, allowing you to be Her little loser in person. Wouldn't that be nice? You can keep dreaming.
-Mistress Artemis could take control of your finances in a very real way, making you sign a contract that binds you to sending Her 10-20% of your earnings on every pay day. She could take all your bank cards and obligate you to ask for permission and beg whenever you need money to spend. Thus every penny earned and every penny spent becomes a truly erotically charged moment, reminding you of your submission and devotion to Mistress Artemis!
-Your Goddess could make you fill in a blackmail contract, and then oblige you to send over your hard earned cash by threatening you with the divulging of your deepest darkest secrets to your dearest and closest. Imagine the torture and the humiliation, imagine the excitement!
Hand over your cash subbie... You know it's your deepest desire to do so.
Let Mistress control you. Take Her out to dinner or correspond... Let Her entice your deepest secrets out of you. Then watch in horror as She threatens to reveal all if you do not oblige to Her requests. Or maybe the threat of deep humilitation.
How tightly can you be restricted before you lose all sense of physical self? Let Mistress Artemis tie you up so that the merest thought of escape becomes ludicrous and you have no choice but to give in to Her and suffer Her tortures.
Let yourself be enraptured by the smallest most perfect feet. A size 37. Mistress’ feet are tiny and delicate and true objects of worship. With an extensive collection of shoes and boots, and always happy to be gifted more, get on your knees and serve your Mistress as She gazes at you with Her deep dark eyes.
Bend over and accept punishment. Mistress Artemis can tease you into a state of rapture with the use of Her canes. From a soft, light play to a brutal bruising, She takes delight in gently bringing out the masochist within you and bringing you to orgasmic meditation through the use of Her brutal implements and Her soft, reassuring voice.
Is pain what really gets you off? Let an Expert of male anatomy take hold of your most precious parts and squeeze, pinch, stretch, slap, electrocute, bind them and much more. Give your Jewels to Mistress and see what she does with them. Mistress Artemis can deliver an experience with or without leaving marks. Just let Her know beforehand which you prefer.
Oh no! Is masturbation taking control of your life? Are you a shameless little fucker who can’t resist the call of his cock? Come and get a cage fitted. Let Mistress hold the key to your precious organs and release them when She sees fit. If you’ve been a very good boy, She might even let you cum before slipping it back on.
As a smoker, Mistress Artemis holds a cigarette in the most delicate way. Admire Her smoking, breathe in Her exhalations, or serve as Her ashtray.
Canes, whips, spankings, paddlings... Let Mistress take hold of your body and administer the punishment you deserve.
Who’s been a bad little horsey? Should Mistress sit on your back and ride you while delivering blows of the crop?
The thrill of sitting with a beautiful woman in a crowded restaurant, aware that at any moment, She might use and abuse you in full view of other diners. Let Her choose your meal, watch Her eat as your food goes cold. Maybe even be forced to drink Her urine out of a glass with your meal. Can you handle the absolute Humiliation that Mistress Artemis might subject you to?
Get wrapped up and blindfolded for one and a half hours of complete bliss, where the line between pleasure and pain is blurred. Let yourself be gently brought to the brink of orgasm, only to be held there for the remainder of your time. And feel the joy of cumming after such a blissful purgatory.
Taste the glorious torture of electricity running through your body when you give in to the joys of modern technology. Let Mistress Artemis entice you with Her toys and stimulate, or put you through sheer torture.
One of Mistress Artemis’s all time favourites, why not let yourself be filled with wonderful fluids, either as foreplay to anal play or just for the sheer joy of the enema itself.
What greater joy than to be smothered under my arse? Face deep in its voluptuousness, let all your worries melt away... Until you realise that Mistress might never allow you to breathe again.
There are few things that Mistress Artemis prefers to being elbow deep in your arse. Fisting is one of Her specialities and She will do things to you that you have never felt before.
Be a slave in a film or photoshoot. You can choose to be masked or unmasked. A tribute will be required for you to take part.
Are you worthy of eating Mistress’ seconds? Open up and let Her spit Her chewed up food into your mouth. It is the closest that you’ll ever get to those sumptuous lips. Or do you like it wet and messy? As an experienced Pastry Chef, let Mistress rustle up a sweet delicacy, only to defile it by rolling you in it. You might just be lucky enough to get a taste... But don’t count on it.
Pain? Pleasure? Tickles? Why don’t you let yourself be tied down and have one of your most sensitive parts put through its paces by Mistress Artemis?
So you want to cum? How about a second time? And again? and again? And again, until tears stream down your cheeks and nothing comes out of your cock? (Get milked by the Venus 2000 male milking machine.)
Let yourself be coaxed and trained into full toilet servitude by Her soft and gentle ways.
Mummification and bondage can be used to completely immobilise you and make you into a sitting duck. Do you dare?)
Let Mistress Artemis take you on a shopping trip. Get pampered together and have a girl’s day out. With an outstanding sense of style, and a great knowledge of city shops and beauticians, let Mistress help you find your inner lady.
If you are going to act like a little boy, you will be treated as such. Mistress Artemis has a large collection of nappies and is not afraid to use them for the ultimate humiliation treatment. She can also train you to be fully incontinent before starting potty training all over again.)
You are no better than a stool to rest one’s feet on or an ashtray to flick one’s butts in. So why not give in to your true calling?
If you are too far away to serve Me in person, or if you are too much of a wimp, you can book a cam session or apply to serve Me in an online based D/s servitude. Most fetishes can be transferred to cam so just ask.
Show Mistress the true depths of your devotion and allow Her to use you as Her toy in public. Take Her shopping, or for dinner, and allow Her to put you through your paces.
Mistress Artemis regularly attends BDSM events around Europe and will happily use them as an opportunity to do a session in public within the provided Dungeon areas at such clubs and events., if you wish to exhibit yourself and show the world your pride in serving Mistress.
Can you put your trust in Mistress Artemis as She wields a razor close to your most sensitive parts?
Show Mistress Artemis your gratitude and take Her shopping. This is a perfect way to spend time with your Mistress and get to know Her a little better.
Some men don’t deserve to be men. Are you a little wimp who deserves to be paraded in a frilly dress, and maybe get a caning?
A sharp slap is more powerful than a thousand words... So why don’t you turn the other cheek?
Let Mistress Artemis train you into an efficient, machine like slave. Mistress Artemis know the highest standards of service and can help you attain the level of servitude expected from a 3 star Maitre d’Hotel. The journey to perfection will be hard, but oh so rewarding.
Open your mouth you dirty boy. Mistress Artemis wants to degrade you that little bit further.
Could it be the worst torture imaginable? Why not find out?
In shoes, barefoot, or nylon clad, Lie down and watch up in delight as the Goddess that is Mistress Artemis towers over you and tramples you under Her tiny feet.
Whether to humiliate you, or to be served by your, Mistress Artemis deeply golden, pungent liquids will get your juices flowing.

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